“Let the world see through noble eyes, thought I.
This is my calling.”

by Andrea Postizzi


Noble is the subtle whisper. The Shogun's sword, the craftsman's hand, the ingenuity of the creative mind.

It doesn't matter when, but I can recall a day when I started to ponder nobility. What did it mean, really? Was it excellence, art, craftsmanship?
Noble are the soul and the thought. The boundless heart.
Noble is a way of being, of acting. And also a way to see the world. To see the world nobly...To see through noble eyes.

It suddenly sparked something inside of me. The concept grew into a compulsion; a splendid obsession.
On further reflection, I felt a dawning need in me to create something that would render the act of looking a noble art.

With pencil and paper in hand, I started sketching and what appeared was the outline of a pair of eyeglasses.
Let the world see through noble eyes, thought I. This is my calling.

It doesn't matter when, but that day the NOBìKA style was born.

CEO and Creative Director


Andrea Postizzi, born in 1968, studied in Monza and USA; his Italian heart and international outlook make him a man-about-town with a revolutionary spirit. For almost 20 years he has been Creative Director and Sales Manager of the family firm, which has produced and sold eyewear since 1971. In 2005, his desire to discover new horizons led him out of the family setting: he became a Category Manager for one of the biggest Italian companies in the eyewear distribution sector.

He is a rebel at heart, passionate about fashion and design, an aesthete in the most artistic sense of the word, with an eye on trends but also forging ahead in the creation of his own style which led him in 2014 to focus on a new challenge. A noble challenge. In 2014, the NOBìKA project was born.